Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ok people... Since it's the end of the month for sep i shall do up a post as promised... :) So far, study leave has been very very boring or should i say, i am dying from my stupid attitude on how i treat my textbooks. LOL. So! I decided that if i don't cram this morning then i'm not going out to mdc this afternoon. Yeap... Then after the N's it will be play and freedom i guess? Depends on wether i think i deserve the long long break after that last day till 17th nov which is the graduation night... :P Just found also that if i always start of my day with a song by ne-yo. super niceeee. ^^ Believe that justin, faizal and duane duane are sure gonna do really well tonight... Jiayou guys!! :D

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

okay, so here i am to update about what's happening recently... And, now i shall officially say that a new post will be up by the end of every month so look out for that people. :D But, school is as usual very very boring. Didn't know how i managed to drag through the 5-6hours on weekdays. On the other hand, church has been more awesome than i expected it to be. A place where and i can really be myself and not worrying about how to answer people when they talk to me. Hahahahas. Somehow, my life woudn't be this much fun without all these people and i really really appreciate it deeply. If i had to recall one occasion on that, then i would have said yesterday cuz it was the first time i ever had so much fun just mixing around with some of them. Although i came to church yesterday quite moody as i was abit tired and got ranted at for the most benificial reasons, i have been struggling to put on a happy face in front of everybody at church despite the troubles and everything as i really didn't want the people that played a important role in my life to be worried when they too have their own things to bother about. But no worries, i'm still fine and alive. :D

Okay, so i shall end here then... Next post will be up on the august 31st. Bye world!! ^^

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh kay since i haven't been updating like goodness how long i should do up a blog post then. Sorry to all my blog readers for the dead blog as i have been kinda busy and MAINLY lazy to update this space somehow. But! Tags= people do drop by. So thanks to all my friends for tagging again yeah? Its deeply appreciated and do keep it coming in alright? :D 

So, now to blog about how my june holidays went poof just like that:

1-2 week: first week of friday night went to see josh's performance. It was AWESOME. Then the day after that headed off to HK for family holiday. (Don't wanna elaborate on that cuz it wasn't exactly memorable and i dont want to make this a wordy post.)

3-4 week: Activities resumed as usual. Had practices for 28th's performance and full day rehearsal on the 4th week of saturday. Luckily my last day of holiday was memorable cuz i didn't really screw up the whole thing except for someone who didn't really do that well which i don't wanna mention here cuz it's not really good.

Yeap,  so that's how my holidays went by during the 4 weeks. And, amidst all that practices and time spent outside, i did manage to sit down and think about what i really wanted to do in the new term and how to accomplish it. So far, it has been kinda great cuz i managed to really be more serious in studies etc..  Later i am still meeting a couple of my friends to get together and study. Oh, and will be having another full day rehearsal on saturday followed by another actual performance at BPJ on the 5th july. Wish me luck people :D

Alright, i am gonna be running late again as usual for everything so i will end this ridiculously random rubbish post of mine. And i said it already but i shall say it again: Do keep the tags coming in people! Will be updating when i am on blogger+in the mood to type a post+not lazy mood. XDDD

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whoo... Just came back from chalet this afternoon... So, here i am blogging the super late post today... hahas... And, now that i am back from a weekend of fun, its time to get serious with studies and stuff again... And no matter how much i hate to do it, i will still hang on for the sake of my own personal laptop... :D And for now the few priorities of my life will be:

In Order:

1: Church n Studies!
2: Dance?
3: Family

The reason why i chose church n studies as my first priority is because i always wanted to become a better christian and just do my DJ and nightly prayers daily and just go around helping more people despite the different activities i have as every week passes by. So yeah, i guess thats bout it bah.

Will blog again soon people... :D

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Been really thankful for everything that God has blessed me with the last week. And, looking back at it... It has been one of my most memorable weeks spent be it in school or church. One word: AWESOME. And now my confidence seems to have been boosted somehow and i sorta learnt not to give up so easily.

Just a summary of how my week went:

Monday to Thursday- school as usual, spent more time on studying throughout the 4 days.. And, i passed my 2.4km run on monday and my friends finally agreed to come for easter outreach event on the 11th april! Praise God for that. 

Friday to Sunday- Awesome channel heaven reloaded prayer session, Awesome sermon during serivce and the dance practice rocked totally. Though i am not performing this coming saturday but i am always hyper with my church friends around me during the week. Hahahas.

Okay, so talking bout the event next saturday, i shall promote about this thing here.

Where: Covenant Evangelical Free Church.
When: 11th April 2009( Saturday) 6.30 to 9.30pm

Additional Information: There will be snacks provided before and after the event and also there will be special items such as a fusion dance by the kairos dancers and a song item by a special guest. Also, there will be transport provided back to choa chu kang, woodlands and clementi if i am not wrong. There will be two buses one which is going to woodlands and clementi and one which is going choa chu kang so if anyone of you want to go and is unsure can ask me also. 

All those who are interested can drop a tag at my tagboard or email me at holyregions@hotmail.com OR you all can visit the church website at http://www.cefc.org.sg/
for more information.

See you there!!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009
10 People tagged to did this quiz:
1. Jiayi
2. Grace
3. Zhenying
4. Shuhan
5. Huiping
6. Xinyi
7. Esther
8. JS
9. Mr.S
10. Lavonne
1. Who is 2 having a relationship with? (Grace)I don't know :P
2. Is 3 a male or a female? (Zhenying)Female
3. If 7 and 10 get together will that be a good thing?(Esther, Lavonne)they are both girls. =.=lll
4. What is Number 1 studying about? (Jiayi)regular subjects.
5. Is Number 4 single? (Shuhan)Yes.
6. Say something about Number 5. (Huiping)bestie in school and loves to
7. What do you think about Number 3 and 6 being together? (Zhenying,Ah b0ng)They don't even know each other :X
8. Describe Number 9. (Mr.S)A person who only hangs out with a limited number of people.
9. What will you do if Number 6 and 7 fight?(Ah b0ng, Esther)Speechless.
10. Do you like Number 8? (JS)I like his funny character.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

~Yoz people~

Looks like my blog is getting dusty again.... Lols... Kinda bored these days, like nothing much happening around here n there. And, getting a bit more like a rebel i guess?? Just sorta din follow some of the many rules in school. And anyways i also dont give a damn even if i was caught for that little offence i committed. Mabye will still talk back a little if that person who catch me is someone whom i am not afraid or always wanted to scold. Lols.

As for today, some idiot cheebye person make me and some of friends super angry. Shan't mention the name here to protect HER privacy coz she's an human too. :P But, when i heard what happened seriously felt like going up to that idiotic bitch and just give her a tight slap on her face. Worse still, her attitude sucks like abcdefg then she still dare to ask why nobody dare to approach/ talk to her. As she asked that question, i really felt like answering her directly in the face that the reason why some people hate her like shyt is because of her attitude. Somemore still dare to take cane and walk around like a guard watching over a bunch of people.

Argh, shant talk about her anymore. It just makes me even more pissed when her name is mentioned...

So, i guess i will just stop here bah... Will try to update often so as to keep the dust from coming back. Muhahaha.

Till now, cya.

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